Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doll Project Number 2

Here's Harold.
(I had him on the blog before - when he returned home to me, but I accidentally deleted him - still not too hot on this blogging thing, Whoopsie! So here he is reinstated).
Harold came back to me at the start of this year after a very long visit to lots of other designer makers. He left me as a sweet innocent little monkey baby with a liking for chewing wires; just a stripy toweling body, ears and a blank face and he has returned to me a... well, I'm not quite sure really... he is quite extraordinary.
An enormous amount of skill, talent, time, love and care has gone into creating the individual components, which put together as a whole make the most barmy creature I have ever seen.
The rules were the same as with Doll Project Number 1 Maud, but this one had a few more makers involved. An exquisite pink knit jump suit by jeweller and illustrator Rachel Eardley. I love the colours and the sweet green stitching down the sides.
And this miniature printed satin bomber jacket by Heather Martin is enough to bring tears to my eyes.
They added to the journal as Harold visited them:
Jo Sheffield (Baby things) made some perfect hobnail boots. Lisa Marklew (Ceramics) made monkey madness with a pair of ceramic banana earrings. Jo Gordon (Knitwear) gave him a diamonte earings and some arms. Jo Hill crafted a paper guitar. Rachel Eardley (Jewellery and illustration) made his jumpsuit. Heather Martin (Textiles) made the bomber jacket. Ken Eardley (Ceramics) gave him a moustache. Claire Fletcher (illustration). Isabel Stanley (Lampshades) who I think made his legs.
Thank you all x x x

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So we didn't have any snow at Christmas, but the start of April brought us a few inches and I quickly muddled together this little snowman before it all melted away again. He was a titchy little thing and only lived a few hours - I think I can see the fear in his stone eyes!