Saturday, March 29, 2008

Squeaking Sleeping Babies

I've been spending the last few months doing commissions and starting designs for my new card ranges for the summer, so I relish my sewing time all the more. I'm slowly building my collection back up after Christmas and Kids.Modern.

These little sleeping babies are made from the softest cashmere tweed and are just big enough (much bigger than Teeny Timmy and Moaning Mini) to fit a squeaker into so they are quite noisy. I lined them up on the desk and played chopsticks on them but they need a bit of tuning.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Doll Project Number 1 at the start....

I'm looking through old photos and findings some nice old friends. Here is Maud before she headed off on her journey to be added to in the first doll project. You can see her finished here.
She had the tea cosy pattern in the box when she set off so she'd have something nice to read. I had forgotten that she has a mustard couloured gusset that her legs are sewn into and that earned her the nickname 'Custard Knickers' Yuk - probably best forgotten again!

Before Mini Matchbox Monster Babies...

This little chap is quite old now, I made him for my friend Katys birthday and he was the start of the Mini Matchbox Monster Babies. This one is a bit different though - I had lots of fantastic old fabric patchwork pieces that my mum had left over from a quilt they they made in the 7o's so I lined the box with it and he has a solid bottom (with flower pattern) to stand up on, and nice big stickey out ears (I like stickey out ears). I bought lots of vintage matchbox labels in a junk shop in Bristol (it's gone now) and this squirrel is one of my favorites.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Errols at Home 3

"...two quick snaps. One is Errol enjoying a snack, in the second he has just finished a jigsaw while awaiting Harriet's homecoming. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera when we went dancing. More will follow.... "

"Little Errol Big Ben"
This Errol, I think, has taken on the personality of a cosmopolitan, James Bond, skiing sort -of-chap.

I'm hoping that these two are still together too (sadly no photograph).
"My two Errols are so at home here! I am keeping them as they have made friends and I can't split them up!"

Little Errols at Home 2

Some more picture and stories of Little Errols in their new homes!
"Little Errol and his friends" This Little Errol lives with Frida and has got such nice new friends! I love the tiny twins.

"Lots of greetings from Errol in his new Swedish home! He was helping me with the plants earlier this summer and did a very good job!" from Anna

Little Errols at Home 1

I get some lovely stories and pictures sent to me on how Little Errols are settling into their new homes. At Christmas I met a nice owner who has had an Errol for a year and all of that time he has lived on their sofa and they told me that he enjoys watching tele, especially old episodes of Bravo. I'll put some of the other messages up here too. If you have an Errol, I'd love to hear how he is getting along and see some photos.

"This nervous little fellow came to live with us at the end of January. He hasn't said a word since he got here and trembles alot so he sleeps in a basket."

"Just a note to say how happy I am with my Little Errol. I saw him on Green Apple's website a few weeks ago and have been enamored with him ever since. The first time I saw him on the 'net, I actually had tears in my eyes due to his cuteness (I am very soft like that).
He arrived here this morning as a present from Saint Nicholas. As he had spent the night in my welly and was obviously a bit bothered by his new surroundings I thought I would take him with me today on my travels. I think he especially enjoyed watching my son and me play pooh sticks.

He seems to have calmed down a bit now and a while ago was sleeping on the sofa with one of the cats. She rather likes him.
I will let you know how he gets on.
Here is a photo of him in his traveling gear. (An old hat).
Thanks for making him! Kira"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Peg Dolls

A few years ago Katy and I decided it would be nice to make some things for fun and swap them with other designer makers (they all had to be making a living from their creative talents) who also wanted to make nice things for fun and swap them. We called it LUCKY DiP and you can see images of everyones peg dolls along with the other projects in Flickr, there were some real characters and an amazing amount of love and skill went into creating them, Katy and I were bowled over. Mine were Kitty, Bunny and Minnie and each lived in a decorated box. They have arms made from Kebab skewers and ears pushed into holes in their heads. We made it to project number 3 before Katy left the country so LUCKY DiP is sadly no more...maybe when she comes back we can start swapping again.

Teeny Timmy and Moaning Mini

Gosh, it has been a loooong time since I have had a chance to update here - and I have so many things I want to add. Here is Mischeivous Maud's teddy Teeny Timmy, the one who is in bed with her in one of the scenes. He is about 5-6 cm tall. Bothersome Boris also has a teddy; Moaning Mini, she is pink and very, very small and very annoying. I've made a large family of these titchy teddies and took an armful of them to Kids.Modern to find new homes. They are made using the same fabrics as Maud and Boris: Harris Tweed, leather scraps and reclaimed wool. I've also made a whole herd of them that are a bit bigger- just big enough to fit a squeaker into, they are VERY naughty and I'll put a picture up here soon.