Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleeping Babies Illustration

Finished today! Here is a sneak preview of part of one of the new cards I'm designing at the moment. I've drawn the Sleeping babies for the header of a Friendship Tokens card - it has lots of other tokens drawn on it too, it'll be launched at the start of June with the other new designs but I couldn't resist putting this bit up here now - well it does fit with the little creature theme!

Little Errol Illustration

For the first few years that I made Little Errols, they were all sorts of colours, a real mix and match, more recently they became much more uniform with the mustards, raspberry and greens wining out. This picture is a nice reminder of the craziness of those first few years, especially a funny, extra furry, almost luminous pink one that went, very fittingly, to the colourful Suzi of Twisted Twee (The best kiddies things ever). Perhaps it is time to make some more super colourful creatures.... (best wait until the Open Studios and Pulse trade show are out of the way). This Saturday I am planning to go in search of woolen blankets so I'll look out for some bright ones.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cockpit Arts Open Studios in May

We're having Working Open Studios in a few weeks; a bit different from the Christmas Open Studios where we stop work and turn the studios into stalls, for this one, those of us that are taking part are keeping our studios running for a behind the scenes view; which for me will mean the floor and all surfaces being covered in scraps of fabric and threads and maybe not that much room for anything else! I have made plenty of small soft creatures including a handful of (the very rare) Mini Matchbox Monster Babies.
I'm busy at the moment adding the finishing touches to lots of new card designs* ready to be launched at the trade show Pulse at the start of June, it's nearly time to send them off to the printers, but this drawing and design work is leaving very little time for sewing so I'll be glad to have the chance at the Open Studio.

Please come along and say hello. I'm in Studio 305, Cockpit Arts Deptford.

*I have also designed some tiny enamel brooches that are being made right now - I am so excited about them! One is of Little Errol and one of Squeaky Beryl and they will be mounted on a card with a drawing of a friendly pet shop along with care instructions. I'll put a picture up here when they arrive in 3 weeks or so. (Did I mention that I was excited about them?!)

Anna's Summercoat Squirrel

News from a favorite of mine. Anna has sent a photo of Summercoat Squirrel who was a special commission for her. It looks like he has a very, very nice life!

Alice's Bothersome Boris

Alice came to help me for a weeks work experience over Easter (THANK YOU Alice!) and at the end of the last afternoon when we were both too tired to do much else, we sat sewing and I showed Alice how to make her own Bothersome Boris. She sent this photo of him and here is a link to see some of her other pretty creations.