Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doll Project Number 1

I met up with Nina yesterday and we were remembering all of the amazing dolls from the first doll project that we took part in. It was in 2004/5 and organised by Jackie Parsons of Bo Peep Kids, who makes lovely sock dolls and monkeys.

For the first month we each made the beginnings of a doll, on month 2; we each posted the doll to the next person on the list and so, at the end, our dolls were returned to us complete having been worked on and added to by everyone in the project.

There were 10 of us in all, all designer makers and I've found all of the photos that I had - such a shame that I don't have pictures of all of them.

1. Me, Maud who you can see further back in another posting with all of her additions.
2. Petra Boase, This was the first I got so it has very little done on it and it was the hardest for me to do.
3. Isabel Stanley, Sweet little Noriko came in a beautiful box. I made her a pink satin dress. Nina made her a beautiful face - you can see a picture of her completed on Jackies website
4. Jo Gordon, I can't believe that I don't have a photo of this one, I made a blue and white spotty skirt - she was called Maybeline! and she was delicious - there is a photo on Jackies site too.
5. Cecilie Telle. I loved this one - so funny, I think she and Maud would sit nicely together but I have no idea how she ended up as she still had to go to another four people after me.
6. Emma Eardley. WOW! Golden boots, she was quite a lady! I gave her a face which was terrifying to do, I was worried I would give her the wrong personality. Some later in the project gave her a nice hair do.
7. Ken Eardley, I think Ken started his doll off with the ceramic face, my mum knitted her a shawl which we decorated with bright buttons.
8. Rachel Eardley, No photo and this was a real good'un.... Darn it! If I remember it correctly; she had a vintage badge face and was quite tiny and lived in an entirely collaged room. I made a fridge room a cigar box.
9. Jackie Parsons ballerina sock doll; she had a tiny heart embroidered onto her bottom. I made her tiny knitted stripy top which buttoned up the back.
10. Nina Mankin, A dainty little fairy with teensiest handmade cardigan. I made her a little clutch purse!

I'll see if I can track down some more pictures of them...... I had a look to see if I had many photos of the second doll project and I only have 2 which is rubbish. There were some really good ones in there - whoops!
I'll be starting on my third doll project later in the summer - looking forward to it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello My Little Friend! Monty.

A new little friend has come to live with us, he is the sweetest (and naughtiest) little kitten! We brought him home with us last weekend after a lovely wedding anniversary holiday on the Norfolk Broads - he is a good souvenir! He has utterly won my heart and sleeps on my lap at every opportunity (including now), I can't promise that I won't go kitten bonkers and take photos of him all the time, he is so pretty.