Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peg Dolls

Over a month since my last post... I lost my camera for a whole month, I thought I knew where it had been but couldn't find it ... it was found inside a cardboard box, Monty had knocked it in there while trying to climb in. Why do cats love cardboard boxes so much?
I am part way though making some more peg dolls. It has been a long time since I have made any because I need a tiny drill to make their arm holes (in their kebab skewer arms and through their bodies, and holes in their heads for ears too), I don't have one so I borrow one from my brother - Thank you Andrew! Better add it to the wish list....
I'll take a picture when these are complete.

I keep my acrylic paints in a biscuit tin and use the lid as my pallet, I've used the same one for years and it is THICK with paints now. I like the unexpected colour combinations that seem to work together in any small section of it.

I have a new, white notice board - oh the luxury! I have just begun to pin some things onto it and realised that the first three of them are packets of treats, bought mainly for the packaging. We drink the Clipper fairtrade tea usually anyway.... umm and yes, ok, Millionaires Shortbreads are my favorite biscuit so perhaps it wasn't just the packaging!! The oat biscuits though? That was just for the box; packaging sells! There seem to be more beautifully illustrated packets on the shelves now than before, I've never kept boxes before.

Monty is now one year old and we thought he would grow out of his kitten ways and become more independent; he has a little bit, but only about 3%. This is still his favorite place to sleep and it is rare for me to sit at the computer without him running in, jumping onto my lap and pawing at my front until I lift him in, then he is happy curled upside down in my cardigan for hours, even if he really doesn't fit into my clothes and gets quite squashed. If he wants a bit of extra cuddling then he reaches his paw up and strokes my face. He's such a nice little friend - I'm very glad he hasn't grown out of this yet.