Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home making for the baby

I've been playing with things pretty for the baby too (well, ok, for me really, she is far too young to appreciate them just yet). This gorgeous bear was made by Alice who was a very lovely assistant! He is called Ernest and for the moment guards a chair that is far too big for the baby. You can see more creations from Alice Gabb here. I've also put up some colourful prints by Hannah Waldron who used to be in a studio down the corridor from me at Cockpit Arts. I bought pictures and finger puppets from her each open studio and I'm very happy to finally have some of them on the wall.

There are also a few shelves with bits ready to go on the wall... but not up yet! Here are a few of them:
* Teddy and Teddy the two knitted bears, the original by my mum and the remake by Aunty Jan,
* a tile from Katy by Rob Ryan; a bird with the message 'I am going to have a baby'; so, so sweet!
* a little postcard by The Claudettes,
* a letterpressed card from a vintage game that reads 'What is your favorite name for a child?',
* a print made by my new sister-in-law Mithi who is coming up to her final year show for her Illustration degree,
* and finally a dolls wardrobe that my mum and dad made for me from a wine box when I was a child, which I have painted and relined, it'll be a while before she is big enough to play with it though!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Making

I've had a lovely chance to make some things for our home and the baby; not much chance, but when ever I have, I have relished it! The latest is one I have been itching to do for months - our house number embroidered onto a starched doily from the local charity shop. I had never used starch before and now I am hooked - it's magic stuff! No more confused looking delivery men. And I even washed the front door and step and cleaned the window.