Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bright Ideas Show at Craft Central

These are the display cabinets in the entrance lobby of Craft Central, there are 16 in all, divided into 4 lots of 4. I created a scene and story in each strip, this is the first one with them on stage.... (I have added a couple more below this one) and because there were so many cabinets to fill, I also brought in a few things from my big cabinet at home to help fill it up. Here are few of them:

Lovely old cotton reels, and a some wool cards. I collect these lovely pieces of haberdashery and find them the best inspiration for colours and styles for my illustrations and cards.

I found this tiny cup at the village fair a few years ago, it reads 'Mother' in gold. It was the best 20p I spent that day! I'm now on the lookout for a saucer for it, and maybe a teapot and jug.

And this sweet little card is from an old game. You spin the wheel to get a letter of the alphabet and then pick a card and answer it beginning with that letter. Each of the cards is soft, textured, heavy paper and the type is pressed into it quite far, they have a beautiful quality.

Photo credit: Sarah Murphy

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