Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oki-ni Sleeping Babies

Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited to design and make an exclusive range for the fashion brand collaboration company oki-ni. Each character came with a tiny sewn brooch - here it's an extra titchy baby, some of the others had bright red heart brooches with messages of love stitched across them like sewn tattoos. I have kept one of each for myself. These were the very first embroidered sleeping babies I made.
"oki-ni has commissioned Lucy Jane Batchelor to create twenty magical hand-made characters for Christmas 2006. Each piece comes attached to its own winter wonderland scene with an oki-ni tag appliqu├ęd to their posterior; we promise this wasn’t painful in any way! You are urged to personalise them, accessorise them and repair them when they wear thin to create a loyal, lifelong companion."
They had some great press and will have been in their new homes for a year now.

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Oh © chou said...

So sweet! Your sleeping babies are now on my blog! Bye!