Thursday, March 6, 2008

Peg Dolls

A few years ago Katy and I decided it would be nice to make some things for fun and swap them with other designer makers (they all had to be making a living from their creative talents) who also wanted to make nice things for fun and swap them. We called it LUCKY DiP and you can see images of everyones peg dolls along with the other projects in Flickr, there were some real characters and an amazing amount of love and skill went into creating them, Katy and I were bowled over. Mine were Kitty, Bunny and Minnie and each lived in a decorated box. They have arms made from Kebab skewers and ears pushed into holes in their heads. We made it to project number 3 before Katy left the country so LUCKY DiP is sadly no more...maybe when she comes back we can start swapping again.

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littlemithi said...

Ah! you ares back!!!! hows life and new house me dears???