Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello My Little Friend! Monty.

A new little friend has come to live with us, he is the sweetest (and naughtiest) little kitten! We brought him home with us last weekend after a lovely wedding anniversary holiday on the Norfolk Broads - he is a good souvenir! He has utterly won my heart and sleeps on my lap at every opportunity (including now), I can't promise that I won't go kitten bonkers and take photos of him all the time, he is so pretty.


littlemithi said...

Thanks for the lovely week - will send you lots of photos soon :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute little souvenir... (I had difficulty spelling that!). One day I'd like to have a pet. I'm thinking a little basset hound :o) Something to look forward to! I hope you're having a great Sunday, and I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of that sweet gray little kitty!

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

oh yes, a Basset Hound would be good, they are dogs to make you smile - I fancy a Daschund one day, when I am able to walk him every day. Monty is almost dog like, he has taught himself to play fetch, sometimes he will bring the ball back about 30 or 40 times with out getting bored, such a good kitten!

Kirsty R said...

Ah- lovely Monty- he's a bit like a kangaroo no?!??!-how does he jump?! XX