Friday, August 29, 2008

A Monty Montage

I'm only showing this super sickly sweet picture so he doesn't look utterly ridiculous in all of the photos here (rather undignified!).

Because this is how he looks most of the time when he is asleep on us. He is the most sociable and boisterous cat I have ever know, such a sweetie, and so naughty! We have just had him a few months and already he has been to the emergency vet (chewed broom bristles), concussed himself running full speed into a table leg, been stung by a bee so his paw doubled in size, got his paw stuck down a hole.... the list goes on

He loves being on us on all the time, he gets into bed when ever he can, sleeps on his back and climbs into my cardigans to sleep against my chest and tummy when I am working at the computer. He also plays fetch with balls, bringing them from the other end of the house back to us and drags his bed into whichever room we are in - very uncat-like! None of our other cats have been anywhere near this crazily relaxed and friendly, so I'm guessing it's the breed and his good mummy cat?