Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Chops!

A lovely, lovely email landed in my inbox last week from Florrie and Vanessa with some photographs and tales of their enormous brood and their rather troublesome antics!
Here are two Little Errols, a pair of Mini-Matchbox Monster Babies in love (cuddling-up in an innocent smoothie hat!), Mischievous Maud and who is the tan coloured fur to the right?... Big Chops!

Here is the whole family; Maud (who matches the walls beautifully!) also has Bothersome Boris to keep her company and Teeny Timmy to play with (Tiny in blue tweed at the bottom) along with Squeaky Beryl on the right with a Sleeping Baby. Lucky that Big Chops is quite skilled at crowd management; here's what Florrie says they have been up to:

"Here are the photographs of Big Chops with his family. He has married Little Errol and adopted Bothersome and the Little Twins. Greedy Greta, Little Errol's sister is quite jealous but she has Maud to look after! Greedy likes to plump herself until she is almost round which makes Little Erol upset because she is quite flat now. Big Chops has his work cut out trying to keep the peace."

"Big Chops does experience some difficulties, especially when taking Bothersome out for his walks. He had to put Bothersome on a lead because he kept running into peoples gardens and going through their letter boxes. Bothersome now uses the lead to tangle Big Chops up by running round him in circles! "

Thank you so much to F and V, it is very good to hear how they are and to hear some of the tales of chaos! x x x

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