Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Friends Stationery

Little Errol, Squeaky Beryl and friends are out and about this month, they are on the shelves in the April edition of Junior magazine in a very pretty feature by Kate Street on children's party invitations and thank yous. This is the invitations page... the one to the right and above is a glittery pink limo; Spice Girls eat your hearts out!

The 'come-to a party' invitation has spaces to fill in to give your guests all of the details they need to find your party (and a maze that they can get lost in too) There is a clock to complete with hands to show the party time and a calendar to tick off the date.

...and this month I have sent a whole lot of cards to Liberty (one of my most favouritest shops in London) for their Spring/Summer 09 collection including my baby announcement card with little Errol and Squeaky Beryl. None of the others have the Little Friends on though, so they're a bit off theme... they have lots of Fairy Badge cards, Paper Dolls Houses, Love Tokens, Tooth Fairy Envelopes, Thank You cards, Stich-a-Message cards and a whole lot more!

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