Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Teddy and Teddy

Here are Teddy and Teddy. My mum made Teddy when she was a child and a few years ago we rediscovered him in a box all moth eaten - utterly riddled with holes and his stuffing had gone flat. Mum said that we should throw him away and make another one. Auntie Jan (who sewed and stuffed Bunny my mum knitted) made this replacement by copying mums Teddy, he is soft and plump, but once I had seen Teddy Junior with Teddy Senior, I couldn't bring myself to dispose of Teddy Snr, so I darned all of his holes (about 40 of them) now they sit together and look really rather sweet.


Sue said...

Thanks for this photo,Lu. The pattern for teddy snr (appox 45yrs old)was in Woman's Weekly, which each week had knitting and sewing patterns.The yarn used was pure wool, the cream-Arran. it was all remnants from knitting Mum, Maggie, Auntie Mabel and I had done.

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

I bet Womans weekly still do knitting patterns (if it's still going). He is very handsome isn't he! I think Teddy Jnr is baby soft cotton?