Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pin-on Pets

At last, I have some Little Errol and Squeaky Beryl enamel badges - I am very excited about them, I have been planning to make them for a few years, they have been a long time in coming.
Little Errol is 2cm high, has a clasp pin backing and he is pinned onto a card with a drawing of his home in a pet shop.
Squeaky Beryl is 2.5cm high, has a brooch backing and she is on a pet show card (winning 'best in show', of course, because she is a bit bossy and can be quite a show-off. Dancing Ernie came 2nd for his fancy foot-work and high spirits, and Little Errol came a poor third because he didn't make any effort and still had cake mixture and mud on his trousers and paws).

We launched them at the weekend at Pulse (a trade show at Earls Court, London), so they'll be in the the shops in the next few months. My Mum has worn her Squeaky Beryl badge every day for the past week!

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littlemithi said...

He he he ...
Better photos in progress!!!!!!!!!