Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 - A New Year, A New Website, A New Home, A New Studio

It's the new year and already so much has happened; and it has been FAR TOO LONG since my last post; I got lost in Christmas shows, Christmas, Flu and... moving house and studio from my beloved studio in Cockpit Arts all the way down to Devon, tucked against the edge of Dartmoor. Most of my studio is still in boxes and there is A LOT to unpack, and I haven't even thought about sewing anything yet, but I do have the fire alight (is that the correct term and tense?) and the kitten asleep on my lap (snoring a bit).

Just before Christmas I updated my illustration and cards website with a new front page and tidied it up inside (with LOTS of help from my patient husband - he needs to be with me). I am so much happier with it now that it all ties together. The old design, other than the book gallery pages, were designed about 5 years ago; it was long due a change. Next job on the Website To Do list ; get the press pages up (which requires lots of scanning and tweaking). Does anyone ever reach the end of To Do lists? I think my life might be very dull with out them.

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