Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you x x x x

How lovely it has been to find my blog stats rise and trace it back to links from some very beautiful blogs and fantastic resources. A very big THANK YOU to them all and here are a few of them (I'll gather more over the next few weeks).

Softie Central
: an amazingly comprehensive blog of all
things soft and cute.

Print and Pattern: a rich collection of print and pattern!

Design Sponge: a beautiful collection of what is current
in design.

Tiger Print: stationery designers to M&S.

Jotter: delicate, retro, modern, hand printed, happy stationery.

Bientot Demain
: Slow Design; and sustainable design with a
very delicate French touch.

Madame Chacha
: delicious French childrens things, and
adorable photos of children.

L'atelier d'Audrey
: more exquisite words and images from

Oh c'choux: 'happy things for kids' from Switzerland

I'm noticing some themes here... French children's things, stationery, retro and Modern design, cute things, sustainability and design. That just about covers my work and inspiration!



Blueberry Park said...

And another mention on mine...I've nominated you for an award :-) Go see my blog. Karen x

qm said...

Euh, o'c'choux, c'est suisse non? Je prends le temps de visiter les autres, merci ;o)

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

oh yes, you are right!- I will change it now x x x

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

oh yes, you are right!- I will change it now x x x

Madame Chacha said...

Thank you Lucy Jane... and congrats for your splendid baby !!!