Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Special Offer for mailing list and blog readers only!!

It's almost time for the very lovely Cockpit Arts Open Studios and I shall miss them and you a lot! As I will be in my new Devon studio and not in London anymore, I've put a selection of the textiles characters into a webshop, and have a special offer for you.

* FREE Squeaking Sleeping Baby or £15 worth of cards on all orders! *

The prices are all listed in dollars but the convert to the usual shop prices and you can pay online with Paypal or by card. If you'd prefer to send a cheque or have a special order for something that's not shown in the shop then just let me know.

You can pick any 4 of the cards from my website that are under £4.00 each or any other combination that adds up to £15 in total. See them at www.lucyjanebatchelor.co.uk

This offer is valid for 1 month, it expires on the 9th July 2009

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