Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleeping Babies Illustration

Finished today! Here is a sneak preview of part of one of the new cards I'm designing at the moment. I've drawn the Sleeping babies for the header of a Friendship Tokens card - it has lots of other tokens drawn on it too, it'll be launched at the start of June with the other new designs but I couldn't resist putting this bit up here now - well it does fit with the little creature theme!


littlemithi said...

Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

So so cute :o) I'm curious - what program do you use to draw your illustrations in? I just got a graphics tablet, and I've been using corel paint... something like that. Anyways :o) Take care and thank you!

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

Hi Linnea, I do all of my drawing by hand in pen in Black and white and then I scan them in at a high resolution. I use Adobe Photoshop to build up layers and manipulate the colours (I print in spot colours but you don't need to use them). If I need to do anything with smooth lines and curves (especially curved text) then I use Adobe Illustrator.
I haven't ever used Corel, but I bet you can do similar things with it - the scanning, playing with layers and recolouring?