Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mini Matchbox Monster Babies In Love

A few years ago I started to make these tiny knitted creatures that sleep in matchboxes, one in each, and then I put them in pairs snuggled into bigger cooks match boxes. They come with a badge and a tiny love journal and some beads and stickers in their box too. They don't always have a mouth and nose, sometimes just eyes, but when they do have a mouth they are almost always very, very grumpy. I'm not sure why, especially because the pairs of them are in love and tied together with a heart bead on a string, so they should, by rights, look rather content.
I didn't have a name for them, just 'matchbox babies', but Lisa Marklew took a shine to them and called them 'mini matchbox monster babies' and that name has stuck. If these are the monster babies, then goodness knows what they grow up to become, especially the grumpy ones, they must be awful things.

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